Saturday, June 4, 2011

Yard Sale - ing!!!

What did you do this weekend???? I got up SUPER early, with my two boys and very supportive loving husband, and got all our junk packed up and then laid back out again in efforts to sell it to unsuspecting people that want my "junk" hahahahaha.
Today was yard sale day! A big group of us got together and planned this. Looking ahead to the weather it looked great! Sunny, no rain fore-casted and not very hot!

We had TONS of stuff!! It's very hard to believe how much we actually did have unless you see a picture, so we took pictures. :) We were all ready for the day, we had our change, our bags, our sunscreen, and our lunches. All our things were laid out!!!

But I'm sad to announce that it started raining earlier than our stopping time. So we had to pack up, and we still ended up packing up so much stuff. We all had high hopes of selling ALL of our "Junk" (literally) We were all sad to have to pack up a lot still.

But I do think we all made some money. So we are richer than when we started out the day - and we have slightly less junk than we did before. (although we were exchanging junk between all of us too :) )
Yard sale -ing is a funny thing that us Americans do. So interesting to sit back and think about this - What would other cultures think of us? - all putting out TONS of stuff that we own for some reason, then having other people coming to buy it to sit in their houses? Such a weird phenomenon us Americans do.

Look at Landon sitting there in the back. I was amazed at how well both my boys did the whole day. My family is so tolerant of my shindigs. hahaha. Thanks guys for putting up with it and even helping me pack unpack, and repack it all. Maybe soon we'll sell all our stuff. :)


Unknown said...

How sweet that they boys were so good all day. As a kid I used to love having garage sales because I would dream about all the $$ we'd make. How wrong i was...

Trina Mayfield said...

I'm so glad the boys did so well. You look like quite the saleswoman!:-) Enjoy your yard saling!

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