Friday, June 3, 2011

Pre Father's Day!

I should wait until Father's day to do this post - but I can't wait that long to show you these pictures and also we will be super busy with wedding/family trip to CO over Father's Day so the chances of having time to do a post are slim. So I'll do it today :)

Richard is the best father. I know everyone probably says that about their own father or husbands, but Richard is perfect for me and for our boys!!! There is a long list of things I could go into, but in short, he lets me go running and gets up with the boys almost every morning, (which he claims he really enjoys) he puts them to bed and gives baths if I have to go to a meeting or something. Carson gets SUPER excited when he walks in the door. And instantly rambles stuff to him, "wrestle???", "Fix it", "go outside", or stories about his day that are practically unintelligable. :) Carson loves to play with his father. He loves the attention, and you should just see the excitement that wells up in his face (I sorta wish I had a nicer camera and was more photographer -y so I could capture that face) when Richard responds, "you want to wrestle? I'm going to get you" It's the cutest thing ever!!!!!! Also you should see Landon's face when Richard looks at him or starts talking to him. My boys adore their father. There's nothing like being the mother and a wife and watching your kids adore their father. Thank you God for this gift of Family, thank you for Richard and thank you that you chose for this to be a blessing in our lives.

Here are a few pictures that were captured by our photographer friends!!! I love all of them!!!!!

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Trina Mayfield said...

Loved the pictures of Richard - and especially with the boys. I hope you enjoy your father's day in Colorado!!!

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