Monday, March 21, 2011


We celebrated Carson's 2 Year Birthday this past Saturday.
I was really hoping for a nice warm day b/c our house is so small, but the day before and the day after were nice, not the actual day of the party. Oh well, we still enjoyed ourselves. (I think anyways :))
I wanted a Finding Nemo Theme, b/c Carson loves the movie and the book. But come to find out, they discontinue the "old stuff". :( But I was able to find a few things and substitute generic fish things for the rest. :)

I had sidewalk chalk and bubbles for the kids to do outside, and then I bought a kit of those sticky styrofoam fish things as a craft inside. The kids were a little young to fully appreciate it, but it kept their attention for a little bit.

Opening presents went just as you would expect at a normal 2 year old birthday party. I invited his cousins, and 3 of his friends that are right around his age.

Carson is full of joy! He is so smiley and happy. He always has been. He is learning so much every day, and loves to give out kisses and hugs. His vocabulary is expanding EVERY day!!!! I can't believe how much he repeats every thing I say to him! We are working on numbers/counting and his colors right now. (we have been for a while, but he is finally showing some progress in these areas. :)) Overall he is very obedient. Although he has his "independent" moments, he knows to obey what I say, and makes my days full of joy and energy! I love being his mother, and I love to hear him say "mommy girl", "daddy boy" , "Landon Boy", Carson Boy" :) or "Kiss Mommy" or his rendition of Love you Mommy. He melts my heart at least once a day. You should also hear him so "so funny". :) He says it about everything and it really makes us smile. He loves TRAINS!!!!! He can't get enough of all kinds of trains.


The Horaks said...

Happy birthday to Carson! What a precious boy you have!

Trina Mayfield said...

And I'm so thankful for skype when I can see him and hear him say these things now! It is so fun to hear him say "Grammie"! I'm so thankful for Carson and Landon and the joy they bring to our hearts! Happy 2nd Birthday, Carson!

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