Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday Morning

There is nothing quite like it!!!!

Laying in bed knowing there is nothing to pressing to get accomplished, change of pace, and usually Richard is home all day with us. :)
For some reason our kids seem to wake up no later than 7 every Saturday morning. (they can be sleeping until 730 or 8 every morning during the week when we actually do need to get up, but Saturday morning without fail we are awake by 7). In my pre-kid days that might seem so bad and I would've thought how could I ever do that every week. but now it's not so bad. We rest in bed as a family laughing at things Carson does or says. Roll out of bed, put on our comfy clothes, feed the boys and then enjoy a cup of coffee with my husband. It's so nice to be home as a family enjoying our slow morning. Carson loves his father and loves the mornings that Richard doesn't have to leave for work. I hope that we always keep our Saturday mornings as a family relaxing.

In the summer we love to pack up the kids and go to Panera and sit outside with a cup of coffee and enjoy our family. We'll see if we keep that tradition up with 2 boys this summer.
the other thing I was thinking - I'm so glad that both Richard and I like coffee. How not-fun would it be if I was the only one that wanted to drink coffee. He would never want to go get coffee or sit down in the morning and drink a cup. Coffee is what brings us together. :) hahahaha


Ann Richie said...

Yes, the day seems clearer after that cup o' joe, and it is better than drinking wine in the morning! -- so I've heard!
I enjoyed your little blog, Jessica, and I think you should keep one going for young moms. And I think the picture of you and Richard is absolutely great!
Love, Ann

Trina Mayfield said...

It works too if one likes coffee and the other likes tea - everywhere has both!:-) It sounds like you're enjoying your day. Saturdays are GREAT!:-)

Team Worth said...

Aww. I like the post, and I LOVE coffee too. To bad Mark doesn't like it, at least he drinks hot chocolate. :)

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