Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Late Anniversary

Many of you know our wedding was on Thanksgiving weekend (saturday, nov 25th). At the time we realized our anniversary would fall on Thanksgiving and around thanksgiving forever so we can never complain about that fact. But this year it actually fell on thanksgiving day. Everyone knows how busy that week can be especially if you travel to see family.
We had got a gift certificate from for a local place right around the corner from our house thinking we could use it the week of thanksgiving before our trip. Well that week was pretty hectic and richard worked a lot so it never actually worked out to go. Our anniversary came and went. We made it special between the two of us - but it was not a big deal at all (sorta sad for a person who loves to make big deals of special dates like that). But i was ok with it.
Since then we have been meaning to go for a few weeks and forget to get a babysitter or something like that. B/c it's right around the corner we never know who to ask or where to take the boys.
But tonight is the night!!!!! (richard had the day off of work b/c of the snow) and our dear dear friends graciously said yes to our VERY LAST MINUTE request for them to watch our boys (they don't live very far from us either) and we are going to use the gift certificate and celebrate our 4th anniversary tonight. :)
Love you Richard with all my heart

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Trina Mayfield said...

I'm so glad you finally got to go out for your anniversary! I know it's late and I told you at the time, but happy 4th anniversary! You'll have to do it up bigger this year since it will be 5 years!

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