Monday, January 24, 2011


These winter months are filled with . .. I don't even know. hahahaha. I start out the week thinking, "i don't have much going on" and then the end of the week comes and I wonder where it all went and what actually got accomplished. I realize the only time I stepped out the door of my house was to grocery shop that week, and check the mail. WOW!!! Who would've thought I would not ever leave my house.
We have been getting to know a few couples in our church and have been loving it. The younger ones with no kids feel comfortable enough with us to just come and hang out during the week and we love it. That's what I always wanted my house to be like and it's so fun. We love hearing their stories and learning about them, and talking about our lives. It's great relationship building. Sure they help us stay up late - but it's so worth it.
Those first few months of Landon's life I wondered if I would ever stay up after he went to bed. but now, the last feeding is at 10 and I find myself staying up way past that chatting with people or with my husband.
Landon is laughing at us now, and loves our attention. it truly is so much fun when they love your attention so much. HUGE smiles every time you look his way. He kicks and "talks" and is close to rolling over consistently. He is sleeping 10 hrs at night which is AMAZING!!!!!! I think that's why I'm in a good mood now. hahaha
Carson is talking so much now. he tries to repeat everything we say now, and we LOVE IT!!! ( I do think I've said that every new stage, but we really love his little boy tendencies now). Next thing - thinking about potty training, we'll see.
I'm in an exercise routine that helps me feel great too. (ran 4 miles today :))Not losing too much weight but at least I feel good physically.
Richard and I have done a lot of talking and thinking about our future lives and where we are headed. it's exciting. Been listening to Mark Driscoll's series "Peasant Princess" (I know there is some debate about this) but it has been so helpful for our marriage. even though things are up in the air and a little uncertain and stressful about the next few months, we feel closer than we have ever!!! Sure we fight, but we come together stronger after it, and it's just so cool to be married to my best friend.
That's our winter so far. it's been cold here, and I always have spit up on me. :) That pretty much sums it up. hahahaha.
next week is sister week, and I cannot wait to spend time with her.
here are some pics of the boys too b/c I always love posting them :)


The Horaks said...

I love the pictures, Jess! You sound like you're doing great!

Trina Mayfield said...

I love reading your posts, Jess. It is so satisfying to me to read about your happiness and contentment in your life. I really can't believe that you are HAPPY to just stay at home, but I knew it would come!:-) The boys are doing so good now and it just makes me so proud and happy. I am privileged to be your mother!

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