Thursday, December 2, 2010


I normally wouldn't post something like this - but God has just been impressing on my mind over and over again to be thankful for my children and not complain b/c they are truly a blessing from him, and I love them with all my life. But also God loves them more than me. SO many thoughts running through my mind right now. How would I react if God chose in his love to have this road for me.

If you don't know the story behind this song - I suggest that you go and read about it from the Group Selah. this video will bring you to tears and make you go and hug your children extra long and thank God for them.

In the last month God has really been bringing people into my life dealing with difficulties of life regarding their children. God help to always trust you and be thankful for the gifts you have given me in my children.

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Trina Mayfield said...

I don't know the story behind it but it sure had quite the impact on me. It really does make me thankful for the health of each of my kids and grandkids. I can only thank the Lord for each ONE of you! You're a great mother too, Jess!:-)

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