Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I love Mail

If anyone knows me well, you know that I LOVE MAIL!!!!
I blame it on my mother and the fact that we grew up in Ecuador.
Mail getting to Ecuador or back from Ecuador to the US always took months. Back then there was no email or internet especially down there. So I had the good ol' pen pals. :) I kept in touch with several friends here in the states, but I would write a letter and then it would be a few months before I heard back from them. The average time for a letter to travel was about 6 weeks I think. But it was always a big event when we would go to the Post Office. We always had to go into town, or the capitol to get it. And that was usually no more than once week. so it was always so much fun to see what letters or cards were waiting in the mail for me to read and write back. I love writing letters, but probably b/c I understand that in order to receive a letter I need to write a letter.

I still remember the day we got email set up in our house and I got to write my first one to a friend. It was so cool!!!!! I was about 13 or 14 I think. Since then I love seeing that there is an email in my inbox, whether it was for work, or junk email, or personal email. Its' so fun.

My favorite time of day is when I hear the mailman open my box out front and then walk away. He comes early to my house usually before 11 and I love going to see what mail is there. even if it's junk mail I get excited to see mail in the box. And then just as soon as I check it I can't wait until I get to check it again tomorrow. Sometimes around 3ish in the afternoon, I am disappointed that I can't go check mail again, b/c I already did it as soon as i heard him. I'm kinda weird like that.
This time of year is so much fun b/c there is always something in the mail. And Usually its cards from friends.
B/c my mom is even worse than me about any type of mail I had purposed to write to her in Ecuador. I know her mother used to write to her every week. I need to be honest here and admit that I have really gotten bad since we do facebook and skype a lot but I know how much it means to her to get a hand written letter from me and I really need to make sure I am better about writing to her again.
And just remember if you want to receive mail you need to write letters to people. :)

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Trina Mayfield said...

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED reading this post, Jess! Yes, I did pass that on to you and actually I received this love of mail from my mother. So, you inherited this from your grandmother. I love that you caught this vision from me - especially when you and I write so often to each other. It was so fun reading this post and it even brought tears to my eyes!:-)

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