Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Tradition

Richard and I haven't started too many traditions for Christmas season yet. We are still in the stage of traveling to see other relatives over the holidays. Which come to think of it - we will probably do forever b/c our families are so spread out.
Some of our traditions include:
1. driving around on Christmas eve night looking at all the lights in our pjs
2. getting an ornament with a frame and the year and putting our family picture from that year in it
3. my all time favorite (b/c my mom never let me do it when I was little) - giving eachother a present on Christmas eve to open that night!!!!! (and we decided it will be our little secret, and we won't let our kids do it either, just between the 2 of us) :)
4. We always get a real Christmas tree. Mostly b/c I'm a Spence. (my mom's dad owned a farm and made his livelihood by selling Christmas trees in the winter both wholesale and retail).

Some of the food we have:
1. Almond ring
2. Homemade Caramels
3. Cookies of course

I'm not very crafty or decorative minded. I don't know if it's b/c I'm not amibitious enough to put effort into it or just b/c I don't think it's that important. But our house is simply decorated. WE are finding that this time of year gets less and less exciting as you get older. Maybe the reality of life and the fact that presents don't just appear under the tree, and the busyness of life still continues with responsibilites. But as my boys get older I want it to be special for them and enjoyable. I purpose in my heart that no matter where we are financially or location wise I will always make Christmas special for my boys so they can have the great family memories that I grew up with.
Merry Christmas!!! Let's not forget what we are actually celebrating this time of year - The gospel that gives us hope every day.

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Trina Mayfield said...

I loved reading about your thoughts on Christmas now that you're an adult. I especially loved that you always enjoyed Christmas so much and how special we would make it. I guess it worked!:-) BUT, NO, you can't open a present the night before!!!!!!!!!!! I just knew you would integrate that one into your family - but I think you should let your kids do it too!!!!:-)

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