Sunday, July 4, 2010

End of June

So we finally go through the busiest part of our summer. I'm thankful we made it through. Now to enjoy the really hot summer days while working :-)
We week of the 21st - 25th we had our VBS at our church. Richard and i were in charge of the 3rd and 4th graders. VBS is always a lot of work - but so fun and rewarding in the end. It's such a funny thing - b/c you just are waiting the for the week to be over - but every day with the kiddos is so fun. You pray that you're time with them is profitable and that you are planting more seeds than it looks like you are. :-) We had another great couple helping us out - and we had fun working together.
June 27th Richard had the wonderful opportunity to preach at our church. We are in a transition period right now with no Senior pastor and trying to fill the pulpit. I guess everyone that was asked could not do it. It wasn't the most convenient time for him to prepare a message - but how can he turn down an opportunity that we wondered if we would ever have. So he gladly did it - it's so cool to see him doing what we know God has called us to eventually. He has such a passion for true expositional preaching centered on the gospel and to see him be able to prepare and do that makes my heart glad as his wife. he did a great job. Both of us pretty nervous about it - but he did so great. I was so proud of him. Cannot wait until the future when we are doingn stuff like that full time. (patience jessica, patience)
Then on the 30th of June we left after work and drove to NYC. The teens from our church were on their summer ministry trip. The youth pastor had to leave on thurs, so we drove to help take over and bring them home. Boy were we excited for this opportunity. it was so fun. We did take Carson and that does alter how much I could do with actual ministry - but boy we had a great time. The fact that it was NYC made me nervous - but it truly was enjoyable. Carson was flexible and although wasn't the happiest kid ever, he survived. we got to know a lot of the kids in the youth group and that was so wonderufl. Since both of us have a burden for the youth also. We learned things about what and what not to do or what we would like our youth group to look like as far as philosphy. Have a lot to learn about teens - but were so thankful for the opportunity.

We got back Sat July 3rd in the afternoon. Poor Carson isn't feeling too well, but we're hoping that it doesn't damper our plans to much.

Looking to the future - I have the 5th off of work!!!!!!! WOOHOOO. My twin Jerelyn will be coming to my hosue this week. And in August we will be taking a family vacation to VA beach to have a mini reunion with college friends. My last day of work will be Sept 30th and I cannot explain to you the happiness that I feel when I realize that. :-) then the baby comes.

Over all we are so thankful for the opportunity to experience and serve in our church and hope for more opportunities in the future. Please pray with us for decisions in the future.

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Trina Mayfield said...

It's so great to see you guys getting involved in ministry. It will totally change your life to see the Lord working through you. I loved seeing a couple of pics from NYC too!

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