Thursday, June 17, 2010

Knoebels/ NYC

Wow - this last weekend was so fun, and so tiring at the same time.

On friday - Richard got to 40 hrs at about noon - so he came home, and I had everything ready to leave. My work had their annual picnic at a local theme park -Knoebels - so we were driving down there to get there by 2. We stopped on the way to pick up a friend that I work with, and then got stuck in traffic for like an hour. SO we ended up being an hour late for the picnic. We were thankful there was still food there. Knoebels was a good experience - very family friends. But Carson didn't like the rides too well. On each of them, the tea cups, the carasoul, and another jet flying thing, he had this look of terror on his face the entire time - and was on the verge of losing it - I was proud of him though, he held it together. but was not too happy. When we got home that night I was so so tired. I almost wanted to cancel our next day's plans - but very thankful that I didn't.

Saturday - we woke up bright and early and drove to NYC. This is always a nerve wracking event for me. The subways, the parking, the crowded city just seems so overwhelming to me a lot. But I always like going in at the same time. We had no problem getting in, parking or the PATH into the city. We met up with our good friends Wes and Katie Kouba who were vacationing there. We spent the whole day walking all around. We saw a little bit of Little Italy, the WTC, and the Museum of Natural history. And we enjoyed some great pizza at Lombardi's and coffee at a nice little shop. So good to see good friends, and to walk around a lot. Carson did so good for being in the stroller most of the day - He is quite the trooper. Probably not the funnest day he's ever had - but he handled that well too. there was a couple subways we got on that were so full, and he was picking at the people's pant legs and pulling on their clothes - but then who can resist a smile when you look down to see who it is - and this bright smiling little boy is looking up at you. No one seemed too bothered, although momma was mortified. :-)

Sunday - i think most of our Sunday's from now on will be pretty busy. We are teaching a Sunday school class (pre-k and K) and really enjoy teaching it together. Then this week we had to decorate our classroom for the upcoming VBS. (we are teaching 3rd and 4th grade again this year) Needless to say - by the time i got home Sunday afternoon I was in need of a long nap. :-) I did get one - Carson did so well through it all. And has bounced back just grand.
Lots of events coming up - and we will be super busy until after the 4 th of July - but we are so excited about getting more involved in church.

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Trina Mayfield said...

I love that you have settled in so well at your church and that you are serving the Lord in this way. I'm also SO GLAD that Carson is doing so well for you. You make a great mother and I'm so proud of you!:-)

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