Friday, March 8, 2013

As "boy" as they come

I have two boys if you haven't been able to tell. That means my days are filled with shooting, swords, running and jumping, tricks, "poop" and "butt" words and lots of running and jumping. (did I mention that before?) I love that they are creative with things. Anything remotely straight becomes a gun or a sword. WE have a pile of sticks and rocks by our front door. They fight bad guys and go on hunts and missions with their dads almost every night. (I love hearing them play like that) They love to play football and play catch. They play hard and sleep hard - which I believe is the best way a kid should be. :) If they can jump on it or from it they will. They love race cars (i.e. any car that has a spoiler or numbers on it, ha) and trash trucks and dump trucks and tractors. They love super heroes and action heroes. Somehow they can make all the different sound effects for every sort of gun or light saber or animal or vehicle - how do they do that? I sure can't and never taught them. :)
 Welcome to my House
of Boy FUN!!!!

My Ninja

My super heroes

I absolutely love this picture

and of course climbing trees


The Kurty Story; From my point of view said...

Yes!! Though there might be somethings that our boys differ on with how they play, I completely related and loved reading about what your boys like and are doing!! I LOVE being a mother of boys, LOVE hearing everything that relates to boys, I just LOVe it all :-) Most of all, I LOVE that I get to share it with my sisters!!!

Trina Mayfield said...

I've been in your house and experienced all these things! Cherish these times because it changes before you know it! You are a wonderful mother to these boys!

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