Friday, June 6, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend.

Memorial Day weekend was so much fun. I was looking forward to it so much. My parents flew to the states on that Friday night. The Kurty Family (a.k.a. the baby family) was coming up too. So Jerelyn and her family got here about 10 P.M. that Friday night. My parents were supposed to fly into Newark NJ (about 2 hours from us) at midnight but their flight got delayed until 2A.M!!! So Richard and I hopped in the car at midnight and drove to Newark to pick them up. All their luggage came which was so nice. By the time we picked them up and drove home, it was 5 A.M. the sun was rising!!! (by the way, here in NEPA the sun starts rising at 4:30 A.M. ) So we kinda missed that night. But the clincher to this whole story is that my dad didn't know that the Kurtys were going to be here. So he was so surprised and happy that he was going to get to see his first grandson a whole week earlier than he thought. We kept it a secret too. So of course we got home really early in the morning, but when the baby got up at 7, we all had to too, because we love that baby so much and had to see my dad's reaction to seeing him. It was so nice to surprise him.

I had meals planned for that weekend and it was so much fun planning and cooking. Richard helped me a ton. I made one of our favorite meals (Cajun chicken pasta), Roasted chicken, and a french toast cassarole. . . Oh man, it was so much fun finding all these recipes and planning for a group of people.

There were a couple people that live close that knew my parents, but hadn't seen them in a long time that wanted to visit with them. So we had even more people in our tiny apartment. But it worked. Its a good thing my family isn't picky.

Sunday night we all went and played mini golf, which was really fun. But I must say the highlight of the whole weekend was being with the baby of the family. He is so cute. A perfect baby, happy, easy to put to sleep, easy to feed, always content no matter what. When babies are like that, it makes it so fun to be with them. It was very stressless with the baby here.

Monday we had a cook out for Memorial Day. Richard made hamburgers, I made a very good macaroni and cheese. It was just very fun.

I love entertaining and cooking, so that was just a very enjoyable weekend for me. Besides the fact that we had a day off of work, and we were with family. (minus Juli and Scott :-( )
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