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Monday, July 12, 2010

The Fall

So this past friday turned out different than i was planning. Here's the story . . .

Of course it's 6AM and I know I won't be able to doze back to sleep for a little bit more unless I make my way down to the toilet first - yes, I go to the bathroom all the time. So I got up still sleeping I think and start my trek down to the first floor of our apartment where the bathroom is conveniently located right next to our stove in the kitchen. :-) But as i step on the first 2 steps down my foot slips on the edge and I start falling all the way down - still half asleep I have no idea what I hit or what happened. I just got to the bottom of the stairs and layed there. My blood is hardly flowing at all and I got so lightheaded b/c of that. UGH!!! not a good feeling, although I must admit it's not the first time I've falled down stairs first thing in the morning - in fact probably every house I've lived in i've falled down the stairs at one point or another but not that distance. Needless to say - I woke up Richard who was scared to death and also Carson. So our day got started off pretty early I think. But after I wasn't dizzy anymore I went and layed on teh couch for a little. My loving husband had the marvelous idea of going to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast since we were up so early on a friday morning. That was a nice little treat.

So then I debated so much whether to call teh doc or not. I went back and forth, knowing everything was probably ok, but also knowing that everyone takes things very seriously when you fall with a baby inside you. So I called the doc office at about 9 AM. I was hoping she would just tell me to look for certain signs and if something did start happening to call them back. But no, she told me to go straight to Labor/delivery and get checked out. Well I debated whether to take Carson with me - but he had been up so early, and was really needing his morning nap, so I took him to the neighbors to sleep there while I would be gone, thinking it would take about an hour or so. (ha, was I wrong about that).
So after calling the people I'm responsible to for work, I made the short trek to the hospital. Without going into too much detail - i ended up being there for over 6 hrs (which by the way is the minimum you have to stay if you go in for a fall) and had blood work done, an ultrasound, and was on the fetal monitor all day. But I just layed in the bed and relaxed watching tv all day!!! i wished I brought a book, or computer or something. Next time (hopefully there isn't a next time) I will know better what to expect.
So everything is fine with the baby- and it all turned out great. I was a little shook up from the whole ordeal and the what if's. And my lower back is very sore and healing pretty slowly. But other than that it was an event come and gone. Thankful nothing more serious happened, and thankful for God's protection when I was half asleep.


Charis Henson said...

Praise the LORD for keeping you and your dear baby safe! What a surprise to end up at the hospital for so long! I would have thought they would have done an ultrasound and just sent you home! Good to know in the case anything happens to us in the future! :)

Praying for healing and that you will feel better. I also have a habit of falling down stairs, so I will be more careful from now on!

jeileenbaylor said...

Glad you're ok! You are so cute how you write ;) I felt the same way when I went into the hospital and stayed overnight when I was having early contactions.It ended up like being a little vacation for Tim and I. But it's a relief when you are cleared to go. Glad all is well!

Trina Mayfield said...

I am SO GLAD that things weren't worse. I'm sorry that you fell BUT so glad that you and baby are fine. BE SO CAREFUL on those stairs for the rest of your time!!!!

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