Sunday, June 6, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

I love going on trips, and if you read my blog at all you know that we try to take a lot but mostly b/c friends and family are far away. So We hadn't been on a trip since the new Year, which feels like FOREVER to me. :-)
We left Friday after work, like we always do, and we took a guy with us whose girlfriend is in MA for the summer. We made pretty good time and Carson once again did wonderful ( I dont' think you could be in this family if you didn't like road trips). When we got to my Auntie Terre's we talked for a really long time just catching up on life. (We get along very well, b/c I lived with her while I was engaged right after college).

Saturday we woke up really early and had breakfast in Boston at Faneuil Hall. I've never done that but it was really fun. My cousin and his wife and baby went, and then my other best friend from highschool and her husband went. After breakfast we walked to "the Constitution" and did a little tour. The weather was beautiful and perfect for a day of walking with friends. We had parked at a meter and knew the time limit, and when we were on our way back we knew it was close but thought we would be ok. When we were like a block away from the car, we watched the parking meter man put a ticket on our car. Richard ran up to him and told him we were right there, but that mean man said there was nothing he oculd do about it!!! Thankfully the fine could've been a lot higher than it was. Then we go to leave and the car won't start. UGH!!! And that mean parking meter man walking by us again, did not feel bad for us one bit, and didn't even consider taking the ticket away. Well after 2 hrs of waiting and calling AAA and paying a locksmith to ocme help out, we did end up getting back home. and we were thankful for nice weather, friends who are easy going, and nothing else on the agenda for the afternoon. We still enjoyed ourselves. In the evening we went to a family friends house, and their kids did great watching Carson while I relaxed on the couch and chatted with their parents. It was so nice for me.
Sunday was church and then we went out to eat with Grampie. A good ole' tradition of the family that we all really look forward to when we are in Boston. Then we went to church in the evening too. This church is my family's home church and where Richard and I got married, so it's so fun to go back and see everyone and catch up. There are a lot of dear friends to the family there. Sunday night Carson went home with A. Terre and we went to My best friends house and chatted until 12:30 at night!!!!!!! I haven't been out that late talking in forever!! it was so nice to catch up and there is just something so special about conversation flowing so easily with good friends.
Monday is the famous Sunday School Picnic at church so we spent the day at the park with the church family and had a great time of fellowship with everyone, and in the evening visited 2 other families that are dear to our hearts.
Tuesday we took our car to my Cousin's Mechanic shop for him to take a look. we have just had to dump so much money into our car, and the news he had for us was not too much better. So we were thankful for an honest opinion and honest good work done, but discouraged about the work/money cars cost. God will provide though.
After the car was done we drove home again for a short work week. The trip was so much fun and very refreshing for us. So glad we could make it to see everyone.
The rest of the week was spent playing outside in the beautiful sun with Carson. We made a make shift pool. I never want my kids to need lots of new toys, and seeing how much fun he had with some measuring cups and a bucket of water confirmed they just need love to be happy. :-)


joven said...

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Trina Mayfield said...

I love reading your blog, Jessica. Even though I usually know the information, I love to see how you have expressed it on here. I wish I was with you on this special weekend because all of these people are special to me too! And, btw, the mecanic cousin is my favorite cousin!!!!:-)

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