Tuesday, August 13, 2013

2nd Annual Camping Trip

This past weekend we got to experience our second annual camping trip as a Life Group! This special group of people have become so dear to my heart as we share life together helping each other shine as lights in this world.
We had a great time, with lots of food, and fires, smores and conversation. This time we all had kids so we could all share in the "joys" that kids bring when you're camping. We had awesome weather. No rain at all which is crazy b/c it's been storming every day practically. I was especially thankful for no storms. :) It was a just a nice time to relax and enjoy creation and quietness from busyness of life. (although we all agree it's not restful at all :) )

P.S. I always hate taking pictures during events like this. But I always, ALWAYS regret not having more! I need to remember that in the moment. :)

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